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Our Story of Progress

Finding answers faster, together

We connect a worldwide healthcare community to transform clinical trials and bring patients quicker access to life-changing treatments from the world's leading sponsors & CROs.

Patients &

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Providing diverse patient communities with access to life-changing treatment & specialist support

& CROs

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Helping partners de-risk their trials, boost trial efficiency, enhance patient experience & deliver quality data


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Enabling investigators, nurses & healthcare professionals with the opportunities & tools to thrive

Bringing together patients, partners & professionals

Serving our community to drive progress in healthcare

Our Promise of Progress

The Progress

Our commitment to our healthcare community to live by our core values

The Progress P.A.C.T is our company promise to our patients, partners & team to demonstrate our commitment to live by our core values & drive real progress within the healthcare community.

It is made up of four key brand pillars -
People, Access, Collaboration, Truth - that exist to guide our behaviour, processes, products & internal culture to create the very best level of service & trial experience. 

Our Patients benefit from progress to their health & care.
ur Partners
benefit from progress to their research projects helping them increase their impact on worldwide healthcare.
ur Team
benefit from progress to personal & professional growth.

P for People

People make progress

Clinical research depends on the dedication, commitment & compassion of people.

Our human-centric approach to client partnerships, patient experience & internal culture places people at the heart of what we do. We partner with the right people in the right places to drive greater progress in clinical research.

Core Values: 
Empathy, compassion & care

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A for Access

benefits all

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive. 

We provide patients access to life-changing medicines & support. We give clients access to the site networks & patient populations they need to transform global healthcare. We empower healthcare professionals with access to the opportunities, tools and support they need to achieve their ambitions.

Core Values: 
Empowerment, diversity & equality


C for Collaboration

Collaboration connects

Great things come from working together. 

We believe by gaining the perspectives of patients, partners & professionals & using our collective creativity and problem-solving powers we can build something better. We’re committed to finding ways to connect, share & develop across our community to exponentially benefit global healthcare.

Core Values: 
Communication, innovation & creativity


T for Truth

builds trust

To build trust we need to create an environment that is honest.
We’re committed to building a culture in which people can be open to express themselves with the patience, support and understanding of their peers. A culture in which the promises we make to our partners, patients and each other are genuine and help build greater trust in clinical research & the pharmaceutical industry.

Core Values: 
Integrity, honesty & openness

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Experienced leadership

Deep understanding of industry, patient challegnes, sponsor challenges, how to motivate team, subject matter experts - "medical board"

Partners & CROs

Partner with us

Transform trial efficiency, quality & experience across Europe with a dedicated partner

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Healthcare Professionals

Join the team

Join a team of passionate healthcare professionals helping shape the future of clinical trials & global healthcare

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Patients & Volunteers

Find a trial

Find a trial near you to access life-changing treatments & support for a range of conditions

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Join the community to shape the future of healthcare

If you are a potential partner, patient or healthcare professional get in touch with us

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