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Benefit from our sites’ close collaboration with NHS, GPs, patient community engagement and active effort to increase diversity in clinical trials 

“The UK government has taken important steps to speed up clinical trials and make them more accessible for patients. Within this framework, our teams do their best to improve patient experience and diversity in trials. I am happy to support the growth and impact of our operation.”


Borislav Borissov MD MBA, DSc

Managing Director, FutureMeds Ukraine

FutureMeds Sofia

 Our center is located in the El Viso area, in Madrid, just 5 minutes from Nuevos Ministerios, which offers an easily accessible and well-connected location for our patients. Our dedicated staff will welcome you to the clinic and guide you through the entire process, answering any questions or concerns you may have.

Key Feature or benefit

Key Feature or benefit

Key Feature or benefit

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Jaklin Mandilova

Site Director

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