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Our European Site Network

Access more diverse patients across Europe

Connect to an independent network across 18 European countries with 20 dedicated research sites & proven DCT solutions

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Gain more quality control with an independent partner

Connect with local expert teams to drive clinical trial excellence across Europe


Boost recruitment & retention with targeted patient engagement with access to over 50m+ diverse patients more stuff here here here

Fully Owned

Transform trial efficiency & flexibility with global project management, flexibility, accuracy, data, 20 sites more stuff here 

DCT augmented

Enhance access & patient experience through a proven DCT solution - our team delivered 140+ projects in 2023 etc

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United Kingdom

Top universities, research institutions, and skilled medical workforce create a solid foundation for research in the country. FutureMeds UK builds on this foundation through close NHS collaboration, patient community engagement and active effort to increase diversity in clinical trials.

8+ research physicians with a collective experience of 60+ trials as investigators

15 + studies conducted in last 5 years

Close collaboration with NHS trusts


research sites


Therapeutic areas

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Poland is a leading destination for clinical trials in Central and Eastern Europe with experienced researchers and supportive medical staff. Between 2012 and 2022, the country conducted 4,134 trials. FutureMeds Poland’s investigators contributed to over 1,500 of them.

60+ research physicians with a collective experience of 1500+ trials as investigators

200 + studies conducted in last 5 years

25+ therapeutic areas including oncology


research sites


Research physicians

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Germany is a clinical research powerhouse with over 22,215 trials conducted since 2008. With the focus shifting to generalisability of data and increasing inclusion, FutureMeds Germany sites are well-positioned to increase client access to diverse patient populations

6+ research physicians with a collective experience of 270+ trials as investigators

Access to highly diverse patient populations

20+ therapeutic areas including CNS (MDD, AD, Parkinson, MS)


research sites


Studies conducted in last 5 years

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Spain's supportive regulatory environment, experienced clinical researchers and broad patient access have enabled the country to conduct over 16,492 trials since 2008. With FutureMeds hospital-based dedicated sites, clients can tap into Spain's growing potential.

20+ research physicians with a collective experience of 80+ trials as investigators

Dedicated Research sites in well-established hospitals

15+ therapeutic areas including CNS


research sites


Studies conducted in last 5 years

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The Ukrainian clinical trial industry has demonstrated its robustness and reliability. Their business continuity initiatives are commendable. FutureMeds Ukraine is a top performing example of the capability, expertise and resilience of their medical and research professionals. 

25+ research physicians with a collective experience of 70+ trials as investigators

Strong cross-industry collaboration 

30 + studies conducted in last 5 years   


research sites


areas inc. 

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With its close healthcare provider partnerships, FutureMeds Bulgaria operates in a fast-rising clinical research destination with a well-established healthcare system, stable and predictable regulatory environment, and experienced investigators that contributes to efficient trial delivery. 

15+ research physicians with a collective experience of 80+ trials as investigators 

55,000 patients in database 

15+ therapeutic areas, including oncology 


research site


Studies conducted in last 5 years   

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What we do

Transform your trials

FutureMeds provide reliability, efficiency and accuracy, resulting in quality endpoints and reassurance, increasing our clients’ chances of delivering on targets within budget and timeframe

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