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Benefit from our sites’ close collaboration with NHS, GPs, patient community engagement and active effort to increase diversity in clinical trials 

“The UK government has taken important steps to speed up clinical trials and make them more accessible for patients. Within this framework, our teams do their best to improve patient experience and diversity in trials. I am happy to support the growth and impact of our operation.”

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John Allen

Managing Director, FutureMeds UK

FutureMeds Birmingham

FutureMeds Birmingham is the home of the site network Breaking Barriers and Increasing Inclusion initiative and pioneering team whose community engagement activities, and recruitment results have attracted the attention of multiple sponsors.

Key Feature or benefit

Key Feature or benefit

Key Feature or benefit

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Dr Khaled Ahmed 

Site Director

FutureMeds Liverpool

The conveniently located dedicated research site opened in late 2021 and welcomed its first participants in February 2022. Since then, the team has delivered [X] trials across [Y] indications. 

Key Feature or benefit

Key Feature or benefit

Key Feature or benefit

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Angela Harnick 

Site Director

FutureMeds Glasgow

Formerly known as CPS Research, FutureMeds Glasgow is a community-based dedicated research site focusing on phase II-IV trials. Over the site's 30-year history, the team has conducted over 250 studies across a wide range of therapeutic areas and indications. 

Reach across the central belt of Scotland

Purpose built facility

Well established presence 


Craig McCallum 

Site Director

FutureMeds Teesside

Operating in a bespoke facility at the University Hospital of North Tees, this dedicated research site works closely with the Tees Valley Research Alliance, which combines the research and development departments from Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust and South Tees Hospitals NHS. 

NHS partnership 

Experienced and capable team 

Hospital-based dedicated research site 

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Anna Townsend-Rose 

Site Director

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