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Charting the Course: First Spanish Clinical Research Forum By FutureMeds and Viamed Salud

Organised by FutureMeds and Viamed Salud, the First Spanish Clinical Research Forum brought together investigators, healthcare professionals, Sponsors and CROs to discuss the state of research in the country.

The First Spanish Clinical Research Forum by FutureMeds and Viamed, which took place in Madrid on 20 February, provided doctors, researchers, and professionals from Sponsors such as AbbVie, Bristol Myers Squibb, Eli Lilly and Company, GSK, Janssen, Moderna, MSD, PharmaMar, Pfizer, Sanofi, and CROs, Bioclever, ICON, IQVIA, Parexel, PPD, Syneos Health, a platform to explore the direction of clinical research in the country.

The forum, organised by FutureMeds and Viamed Salud aimed to 

  • Promote cooperation among stakeholders, 

  • Highlight the continued commitment of FutureMeds and Viamed Salud to advancing research and providing innovative medicines and therapeutic options in Spain, 

  • Offer insights into the views of experienced local investigators.

“With our colleagues from Viamed Salud, we believe there is a significant opportunity for professional research sites in Spain. Working together, our teams can offer the pharmaceutical industry a proven international solution, high capacity, and quality delivery to address current research challenges. Which also presents an excellent opportunity to bring more cutting-edge clinical trial opportunities to the country.”

— Dr Radoslaw Janiak, CEO at FutureMeds

The event was opened by Paulo Gonçalves, CEO of Viamed Salud, who offered attendees the opportunity to learn more about the potential impact of Spain’s leading hospital group. He stressed that clinical research was part of Viamed’s strategy and culminated in the agreement signed last November with FutureMeds.

Paulo Gonçalves, CEO at Viamed Salud, introduced the audience to Viamed and FutureMeds' shared commitment to driving research progress in Spain

“In clinical research, we have an opportunity to grow our presence in the market, which is why we have high expectations of this collaboration with FutureMeds; we believe that it can help us a lot, even surpassing the rest of the market.”

Paulo Gonçalves, CEO at Viamed Salud

Radoslaw Janiak, CEO at FutureMeds, reiterated FutureMeds and Viamed's commitment to driving trial success in clinical research

In his presentation, Radoslaw Janiak, CEO at FutureMeds, outlined the new possibilities and perspectives of clinical research in Spain. The two organisations came together last year to offer the pharmaceutical industry a proven international solution, quality delivery and a high capacity to respond to current research challenges. He reinforced FutureMeds and Viamed’s shared commitment to increasing patient access to new treatments and clinical trials. 

Wojciech Szczpanik, Executive Vice President of Operations at FutureMeds, highlighted the potential of FutureMeds' DCT experience

To underscore the latter point, Wojciech Szczpanik, Executive Vice President of Operations at FutureMeds, discussed the benefits and potential of decentralised and hybrid trials. He showcased how FutureMeds @home, the site network’s DCT solution, can drive industry, trial and patient outcomes.

Investigator Views on the State of Research in Spain

Round Table with Javier Pardo, neurologist expert in neuro-oncology and neuroinfections, Delia Cortés Guiral, oncological surgeon, Ana María Moreno Collado, specialist in internal medicine, expert in obesity and metabolic complications and David Martí, interventional cardiologist

David Martí, interventional cardiologist at the Viamed Santa Elena Hospital, Javier Pardo, neurologist expert in neuro-oncology and neuroinfections at the Viamed Bahía de Cádiz Hospital, Delia Cortés Guiral, oncological surgeon at Viamed Santa Elena Hospital and director of IVOQA and Ana María Moreno Collado, specialist in internal medicine, expert in obesity and metabolic complications at the Viamed Santa Elena Hospital, shared their insights in a round table discussion. 

They all agreed that although Spain has been experiencing a real revolution for years in the field of research, a large number of resources and collaborations are necessary to reach milestones in the treatment of different diseases. 

For this reason, they celebrated the partnership between Viamed and FutureMeds as “a very valuable opportunity that will allow them to offer patients and society the opportunity to have better treatments and a better quality of life.” 

About Viamed Salud 

Viamed Salud is one of the leading Hospital Groups in the Spanish market, founded in 2001. Viamed Salud has 13 hospitals and 15 health centres in Andalusia, Aragon, Catalonia, La Rioja, Murcia and Madrid. The group’s objective is to provide added patient value while always adhering to the highest quality standards.

The group comprises over 2,300 specialised and highly qualified healthcare professionals. They prioritise providing patient-centric treatment. The hospital facilities are equipped with modern technology for medical and surgical procedures. The group also adheres to a policy of respecting the environment and promoting sustainability.

About FutureMeds  


Specialising in conducting clinical trials, FutureMeds is the 1st European Independent Dedicated DCT Site Network offering high levels of traditional and Decentralised Clinical Trial capabilities across the whole network and home nursing solutions in 18 European countries. 

FutureMeds is driven by a purpose to connect a global healthcare community and help bring quicker access to life-changing medications and therapies to all those who need them worldwide. 

FutureMeds’ Dedicated Research Site (DRS) teams serve as the company’s service foundation. DRS team’s capabilities help pharmaceutical companies and contract research organisations accelerate study timelines, streamline processes, lower costs, improve data quality and ultimately help speed up drug development and patient access to new treatments. 

FutureMeds @home, the company’s Decentralised Clinical Trial solution, provides pharmaceutical companies, contract research organisations and other partners with powerful insights, tools, teams & support, enabling them to simplify patient access to trials and boost recruitment, engagement and retention. 

Through its acquisitions, partnerships and a strategic focus on patient experience, FutureMeds brings opportunities to diverse European patient populations to participate in clinical research under the medical supervision of qualified physicians and health care professionals. 



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