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We exist to help our clients & patients to get access to medical solutions they need and deserve.

About Us

FutureMeds is a network of modern dedicated research sites conducting clinical trials. We are able to find significant numbers of eligible patients for trials across a wide variety of therapy areas, thus helping pharmaceutical companies and contract research organisations to run clinical trials as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.  Our priority is the safety and health of our patients and by helping to bring them future medicines today we can play a key part in improving health. We use innovative technologies to make clinical trials available for as many patients as possible by building their awareness of existing trials and simplifying their access to the latest medicine through the provision of home and virtual visits.

FutureMeds was founded by a team with unparalleled SMO experience and all our investigators are highly experienced in conducting general medicine clinical trials.

Meet The Team


Ivan Vyshnyvetskyy MD Ph.D.

Managing Director, Ukraine

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Ivan has over 20 years of experience in medical practice and clinical research. He is an Investigator with 50+ clinical trials experience, including 30+ trials as a PI and is the President of the Ukrainian Association for Clinical Research, which under his governance became the largest and most influential Ukrainian professional society in the field.


Borislav Borissov MD MBA, DSc

Managing Director, Bulgaria

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Prof. Dr. Borislav Borissov, MD, MBA, DSc, with over 31 years of medical and over 11 years of clinical trials management experience, will be responsible for leading FutureMeds’ Bulgarian operations and extending FutureMeds' network of medical research clinics into Bulgaria.


Dr. Piotr Rozpondek MD PhD

Managing Director, Poland

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As Managing Director of FutureMeds Poland, Piotr aims to further improve access for patients to clinical trials using virtual visits and home nursing, advance decentralized clinical trials processes, start hospital-based new sites, and introduce oncology studies to FutureMeds’ therapeutic areas.


Dr Radoslaw Janiak

Chief Executive Officer

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Radoslaw studied medicine at the University of Warsaw graduating in 1997. After working as a hospital doctor for 4 years he moved into clinical research initially as a site director for a Polish CRO.  Working for Synexus from 2005 until 2019 he was responsible for the rapid growth of the business across Central and Eastern Europe. He was appointed COO in 2015.


Christophe Berthoux


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Christophe is a doctor in veterinary medicine and holds an MBA from Purdue University.  Christophe has spent his career within the CRO industry and worked for Charles River Laboratories between 1990 to 2010, ultimately holding the position of EVP, Chief Commercial Officer.  In 2010 he joined Synexus as CEO and transformed the business into the world’s largest SMO.  Following the successful sale of Synexus to PPD Christophe left the group and is now Chairman of IAG Group and an Operating Partner at ArchiMed.

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Paul Chambers

Non-Executive Director

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Paul graduated from the University of Sheffield before training as a Chartered Accountant with KPMG.  He spent five years in Practice before moving into industry.  Formerly CFO of Synexus from 2010-2017, leading the business through a period of substantial growth culminating in two successful private equity exits. Paul is currently a non-executive director of The North West Fund.

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Marcin Gondek

Chief Financial Officer

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Marcin is a graduate in Economics from the University of Wroclaw.  He spent 10 years working in senior finance roles for a number of multinational companies.  He joined Synexus in 2012, initially as finance director for Central and Eastern Europe and has extensive knowledge of site operations, feasibility and contracting.  Marcin was appointed as CFO of Synexus in 2017 and lead the integration of the European and US businesses.


Chris Hannigan

Non-Executive Director

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Chris graduated from the University of Kent with a degree in Mathematics.  He has spent 35 years in the clinical trials industry having held senior positions at Roche, P&G, Covance and Kendle (now part of Syneos), where he served as UK Managing Director.  Chris joined Synexus in 2007 and ultimately held the role of Chief Commercial Officer until his retirement in 2016.  Chris is currently a non-executive director of Simbec-Orion.


Prof. Edward Czerwinski

Senior Medical Director

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Edward is a Professor of the Jagiellonian University with 45+ years of experience as a practicing orthopaedic surgeon in addition to being an active university lecturer and scientist.  He founded the Krakow Medical Centre (KCM) in 1996 and has supervised over 200 trials acting as PI on 49. Edward serves on multiple scientific boards and has organised several international congresses, including the World Congress on Osteoporosis in 2018. He has authored in excess of 500 publications.


Iwona Tongbhoyai

Vice President of Operations

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With over 12 years Sites and Clinical Trials Management experience and over 7 years Business Consultancy experience, Iwona Tongbhoyai will play a key role in increasing FutureMeds’ operational efficiency and strengthening the FutureMeds brand by providing successful and effective solutions to clients, partners and patients alike.


Cameron Glen

Vice President of Business Development

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Cameron has a unique blend of industry experience and knowledge. He spent 23 years of his career building & forging alliances and pursuing new business for notable public and private sector players such as Menarini Pharmaceuticals, AstraZeneca, University of Dundee/NHS Tayside, Synexus, and industry-leading CROs such as Covance Inc. (Labcorp R&D) and ICON plc.


Grzegorz Krówczyński

Vice President of IT

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With over 17 years of professional experience and deep domain knowledge of Business Intelligence, Data Management and Clinical Trial Management Systems, Grzegorz plays a key role in building FutureMeds' IT arm and ensuring that the company is fully prepared and ready for driving innovations in the Clinical Trials market.

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