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FutureMeds UK Opens its First Hospital-Based Site in Partnership with Tees Valley Research Alliance

FutureMeds UK opens its first hospital-based dedicated research site, FutureMeds Teesside. The close collaboration with Tees Valley Research Alliance, FutureMeds’ experience and dedicated research site model are poised to enhance Teesside’s reputation in medical research, bringing new opportunities and potential investment to the region.

FutureMeds Opens its First Hospital-based Site in the UK

FutureMeds UK, in partnership with Tees Valley Research Alliance, opens the network’s first hospital-based site in the UK.

“Establishing a FutureMeds site within a hospital has always been our goal, allowing greater offering of services, facilitating closer collaboration with the local healthcare community and improving patients’ access to trials.”

- John Allen, Managing Director at FutureMeds UK

Through the partnership and a FutureMeds dedicated research site operating in a bespoke facility at the University Hospital of North Tees, Tees Valley Research Alliance, which combines the research and development departments from Hartlepool NHS Foundation Trust and South Tees Hospitals NHS, aims to increase the range and number of available clinical trials for patients across the Tees Valley and boost the region’s reputation in medical research, bringing new opportunities and potential investment to the region, furthering the alliance’s commitment to ‘offering all patients across Tees Valley the same opportunities to take part in cutting edge clinical trials.’

Tees Valley Research Alliance has had significant successes in research over recent years, particularly highlighted by its work during the COVID-19 pandemic. They were instrumental in the RECOVERY trial, a pivotal study in identifying effective COVID treatments, and played a key role in the delivery of vaccine trials.

The alliance’s commitment to bringing cutting-edge research to the region is underpinned by a dedicated team of 160 staff members, who annually recruit over 6,000 patients into research trials spanning 26 clinical specialisms across two health trusts.

“The close collaboration with FutureMeds will help us expand the range and number of research studies available to patients across the Tees Valley. This partnership is a step forward in building on the outstanding progress made by our NHS research teams over recent years. Such advancements are crucial in enabling us to provide the best possible care to our patients and access to new treatments.”

- Jane Greenaway, Associate Director of the TVRA

Group picture of the opening ceremony of the first hospital-based site of FutureMeds UK
Tees Valley Research Alliance Partners with FutureMeds to Enhance Patient Access to Clinical Research - Peers, partners, clients and colleagues gathered to celebrate the site opening

Since joining FutureMeds in May 2023, the site director of the newest UK site of FutureMeds, Anna Townsend-Rose, has focused on building an effective team of medical professionals and laboratory technicians in preparation for upcoming trials.

“We have a track record of building strong partnerships with local health services and delivering important clinical research trials across six countries. The partnership with Tees Valley Research Alliance will allow us to bring the wider community closer together, giving more people in the Tees Valley the opportunity to participate in clinical trials and find new treatments for a wide range of health issues.”

- Anna Townsend-Rose, Site Director at FutureMeds Teesside

FutureMeds Teesside’s thorough preparation led to multiple study awards. The team enrolled the first patients in an ongoing study, and their second trial is set to commence this week.

About the Tees Valley Research Alliance (TVRA) 


Tees Valley Research Alliance is a strategic and operational alliance that combines the research and development departments from North Tees and South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trusts into one overarching department and operates across both trusts. 


The alliance creates an efficient research set-up and delivery service, with the aim of sharing information on studies and offering all patients across Tees Valley the same opportunities to take part in cutting-edge clinical trials. 

About FutureMeds 

Specialising in conducting clinical trials, FutureMeds is the 1st European Independent Dedicated DCT Site Network offering high levels of traditional and Decentralised Clinical Trial capabilities across the whole network and home nursing solutions in 18 European countries.

FutureMeds is driven by a purpose to connect a global healthcare community and help bring quicker access to life-changing medications and therapies to all those who need them worldwide.

FutureMeds’ Dedicated Research Site (DRS) teams serve as the company’s service foundation. DRS team’s execution capabilities help pharmaceutical companies and contract research organisations accelerate study timelines, streamline processes, lower costs, improve data quality and ultimately help speed up drug development and patient access to new treatments.

FutureMeds @home, the company’s Decentralised Clinical Trial solution, provides pharmaceutical companies, contract research organisations and other partners with powerful insights, tools, teams & support, enabling them to simplify patient access to trials and boost recruitment, engagement and retention.

Through its acquisitions, partnerships and a strategic focus on patient experience, FutureMeds brings opportunities to diverse European patient populations to participate in clinical research under the medical supervision of qualified physicians and health care professionals.

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