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FutureMeds Krakow and Warsaw Are the Top 2 Recruiters in Poland for an Osteoporosis Trial

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

FutureMeds Dedicated Research Sites Krakow and Warsaw have been featured as the top 2 Polish recruiters by the sponsor of an ongoing denosumab biosimilar Osteoporosis interventional clinical trial. The study aims to compare the efficacy, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, safety and immunogenicity of a denosumab biosimilar Osteoporosis medication.

According to the sponsor’s latest newsletter (31 October), Poland was the top-performing country for this randomised, double-blind, multinational, multicentre osteoporosis study focusing on postmenopausal women. The study sites in Poland randomised over 230 participants. The second-best performing country randomised 52 participants, and the third enrolled 47 participants.

The study, run by a high-growth international biotechnology company specialising in the research, development, manufacture and global commercialisation of biopharmaceutical products, initially aimed to activate 60 research sites Across Europe and Latin America. Ukraine, Poland, the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Serbia, Estonia, Georgia, and Latvia were the primary study countries in Europe. In Latin America, the study has been planned to be conducted in Mexico.

Of the 230 participants enrolled in Poland, 2 FutureMeds Dedicated Research Sites enrolled over 32% of participants. FutureMeds Krakow randomised 41, and FutureMeds Warsaw enrolled 33 participants.

FutureMeds sites’ recruitment success is closely related to our Dedicated Research Site model, our teams’ experience, our patient-centric approach and our contribution to the health of our communities. For example, both Dedicated Research Site teams at FutureMeds Krakow and FutureMeds Warsaw conducted large-scale preventive campaigns and helped patients from risk groups understand their bone health and risk for fractures. In addition, most participants and patients perceive our teams as authorities in Osteoporosis due to our doctors’ contribution to advancing treatments.

“FutureMeds’ Patient Engagement department conducts large-scale preventive campaigns throughout the year. These campaigns help patients from risk groups to access various eligibility examinations free of charge and learn more about their health. During the recruitment phase of this study, we conducted over 2 thousand free bone density scans. These DEXA scans helped patients understand their bone health and their risk for fractures. Those diagnosed with Osteoporosis have been presented with an opportunity to join the study and access a new treatment” commented Arkadiusz Kasperski, Head of Patient Engagement at FutureMeds.

“I am proud to work with such an experienced and great team at FutureMeds Warsaw Targówek. Both the medical and administrative staff of our Dedicated Research Site team has vast experience in rheumatology and osteoporosis trials. Their experience combined with the DEXA examination campaign that we ran last year directly translates into the recruitment success for this study.”

- Justyna Kurosz, Site Director at FutureMeds Warszawa Targówek

“FutureMeds Krakow has investigated almost all FDA-approved Osteoporosis medications and is considered an authority in the therapeutic area. Our patients are aware of our scientific contribution and trust us. Nonetheless, we run large-scale campaigns to build trust, maintain our reputation and help patients access new treatments. Finding the right participants for a study becomes reasonably straightforward, even in a challenging environment when one has strong patient-centric foundations and an active approach to maintaining relationships with patients.”

- Kinga Zajączkowska, Site Director at FutureMeds Krakow

About Osteoporosis

It is estimated that one in three women and one in five men over 50 suffer osteoporotic fractures. In fact, “an osteoporotic fracture occurs every three seconds”, according to the Global prevalence of Osteoporosis among the world older adults: a comprehensive systematic review and meta-analysis paper.

Among the ageing population, Osteoporosis is a silent thief of health, mobility and well-being. People tend to learn about bone density loss when it is too late. Raising awareness and talking about Osteoporosis, therefore, is extremely important.

About FutureMeds

FutureMeds is a fast-growing independent Dedicated Research Site Network supporting pharmaceutical companies, Sponsors and CROs and contributing to research to find effective treatments and medications for all patients who need them.

FutureMeds’ Dedicated Research Site teams strive to accelerate study timelines, streamline processes, lower costs and improve data quality to help accelerate patient access to new treatments.

Through acquisitions and a strategic focus on patient experience, FutureMeds has developed qualified patient pools across Europe that enables faster patient enrollment and strong retention and help generate more accurate results.

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