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FutureMeds UK Comes Together for Their 2nd Away Day to Boost Teamwork

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

FutureMeds UK’s Dedicated Research Site teams gathered in Liverpool on 2nd November for their 2nd Away Day. The day was full of team-building events aimed to encourage and improve team communication and strengthen relationships by providing an excellent opportunity for our Dedicated Research Site team members to get to know each other outside the workplace, how we work together and how we can support each other for our patients.

In complex environments such as clinical research, the individual patient experience is measured by the research professionals’ ability to work within high-performing teams. At FutureMeds, we understand that the quality of teamwork is fundamental to patient satisfaction and outcomes and impacts professional satisfaction, engagement, organisational performance, and productivity.

To help bring out new or hidden talents, and sharpen communication skills, cooperation and problem-solving, FutureMeds UK’s 2nd Away Day involved team-building exercises and activities.

“Clinical trials are essential to providing patients access to cutting-edge treatments, but they are facing pressing cost, time, complexity and risk management challenges. In a dynamic and challenging environment like ours, problem-solving and strong teamwork are vital. One of the great benefits of company away days, like ours, is that we as a team can learn more about ourselves and how we cope in challenging situations.”

- John Allen, Managing Director of FutureMeds UK

Studies and meta-analyses published in 2008 and 2015 demonstrated that team training interventions significantly improved patient outcomes, and effective team processes resulted in a medium-to-large impact on clinical performance.

At FutureMeds, we aim to create a culture and a work environment that boost patient outcomes and experiences by helping our teams experience a reduction in the negative impacts of the day-to-day challenges of delivering clinical research projects.

To encourage favourable patient outcomes and experiences, our goal is to

  • Unite and nurture teams through shared vision and principles, common goals and clear lines of accountability; and

  • Create a good team climate; where each team member is respected and supported

In increasingly complex healthcare environments, investment in teamwork is a must. Therefore, FutureMeds aims to hold annual retreats, away days and training sessions to help the Dedicated Research Site teams come together, align on shared goals and prevent a siloed work culture.

Integration of the unique skill set and perspective of the FutureMeds team members will help our organisation to meet our patients’ needs and advance the health of populations across Europe and, ultimately, the globe.

About FutureMeds

FutureMeds is a fast-growing independent Dedicated Research Site Network supporting pharmaceutical companies, Sponsors and CROs and contributing to research to find effective treatments and medications for all patients who need them.

FutureMeds’ Dedicated Research Site teams strive to accelerate study timelines, streamline processes, lower costs and improve data quality to help accelerate patient access to new treatments.

Through acquisitions and a strategic focus on patient experience, FutureMeds has developed qualified patient pools across Europe that enables faster patient enrollment and strong retention and help generate more accurate results.

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