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Site Director Spotlight: Dr. Khaled Ahmed - Championing Excellence & Diversity in Clinical Research

Discover the exceptional expertise and dedication of Dr. Khaled Ahmed, Clinical Research Site Director at FutureMeds Birmingham and how his experience, passion and leadership shaping the future of patient care and driving our team toward excellence in clinical research.

Through our work, we not only aim to deliver the best study outcome for our clients and accelerate patient access to new treatments we also want to highlight the value investigator sites bring to study planning and how the clinical research landscape benefit from uniting experienced professionals who share a passion for improving patient outcomes.

Today, we are delighted to showcase the expertise of Dr Khaled Ahmed, our accomplished Clinical Research Site Director at FutureMeds Birmingham. Dr Ahmed's work is a testament to his commitment to excellence in research.

His in-depth understanding of the regulatory frameworks governing clinical trials and an impressive 13-year track record in designing, budget planning, and project management have enabled him to successfully manage trials both in the UK and abroad.

Moreover, Dr Ahmed has over 7 years of monitoring experience. Throughout this period, he honed his skills to identify early triggers and implement changes ensuring the successful delivery of projects, which ultimately benefits CROs, Sponsors and patients.

From Academia to Site Management

Dr Ahmed's background as an academic transitioning to site management has allowed him to develop a unique understanding of the clinical, legislative, and funding requirements of projects, which translates to more efficient and effective collaborations with clients and better outcomes for patients.

Some of his impressive accomplishments include

  • setting up and opening over 70 hospital sites and conducting over 90 Site Initiation Visits in under a year,

  • opening, overseeing and delivering decentralised trials (DCTs) in remote hard reaching areas across the globe,

  • managing multiple clinical trials across various industries and academic sectors, and

  • reviewing more than 150 protocols and 300 publications.

“I am a versatile individual who understands both the clinical and legislative areas governed by clinical trials and could better cope with many conflicting arguments from traditional medicine to novel approaches. I have been able to challenge industry conventions by explaining the reasoning and rationale to clinicians and other healthcare professionals why we conduct clinical trials and the benefit it brings when change is implemented.”

As a member of the UK Trial Manager Network (UKTMN), Dr Ahmed has contributed to providing guidance and advice to trial management colleagues during the COVID-19 pandemic and publishing a paper titled "It is unprecedented: trial management during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond" in the journal “Trials”. His numerous publications span various indications, such as cardiovascular, cancer, maternal health, public health interventions, and more.

When asked about the impact of his expertise on clients and patients, Dr Ahmed shared, "I am driven by the desire to create positive change and improve healthcare outcomes. And firmly believe that my diverse experience enables me to offer a holistic approach to clinical trials, ensuring that the needs of our clients and patients are met in the most efficient and effective manner."

Impact on FutureMeds Birmingham

With a proven track record of completing trials within timelines and having received positive feedback from patients and sponsors, FutureMeds Birmingham is an exceptional investigator site for clients seeking excellence in clinical trial research.

Under Dr. Ahmed's leadership, the site is dedicated to delivering top-tier clinical research services while prioritising patient safety and data integrity. The team that has a number of years of experience in running clinical trials both in the UK and abroad, so far screened patients within 24 hours of having sponsor greenlight and is committed to working towards similar first patients-in metrics in all therapeutic areas.

Based on the performance, location and potential of the site, Dr Ahmed envisages FutureMeds Birmingham as the leading Dedicated Research site in the UK, capable of training, planning, and executing all phases of trials.

Championing Patient Diversity

With a focus on increasing participation from diverse communities and improving retention rates, FutureMeds Birmingham aims to break barriers and lead the way in clinical trial research.

"At FutureMeds, we are committed to the pursuit of better healthcare outcomes for all, and my vision for the Birmingham clinic is to be a catalyst for change and a beacon of hope for patients and clients alike."

Located in the centre of Birmingham, the site is in the heart of a diverse population from different backgrounds. This includes patients who are from “hard reaching” communities and, therefore, traditionally a challenge to recruit.

The Dedicated Research Site team at Birmingham has frameworks and processes in place and has a thorough understanding of how to target and engage these underrepresented patient populations.

“We at Birmingham are paving the way forward by recruiting many patients from diverse groups and breaking the barriers to recruitment. We plan to arrange talks and conferences for other sites in how to better improve participation of diverse communities within trials and improve retention as retention is as important as recruitment.”

Join us in celebrating Dr Khaled Ahmed's invaluable expertise and unwavering commitment to the FutureMeds mission. His leadership and dedication to excellence continue to drive our team forward in the pursuit of better healthcare outcomes for all.

About FutureMeds

FutureMeds is a fast-growing independent Dedicated Research Site Network supporting pharmaceutical companies, Sponsors and CROs and contributing to research to find effective treatments and medications for all patients who need them.

FutureMeds’ Dedicated Research Site teams strive to accelerate study timelines, streamline processes, lower costs and improve data quality to help accelerate patient access to new treatments.

Through acquisitions and a strategic focus on patient experience, FutureMeds has developed qualified patient pools across Europe that enables faster patient enrollment and strong retention and help generate more accurate results.

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