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FutureMeds partners with Medeusz-Plus to open Dedicated Research Site in Olsztyn

FutureMeds expands its network and partners with Medeusz-Plus, a renowned cardiovascular clinic in Olsztyn, northern Poland, helping clients & patients get access to medical solutions they need and deserve.

FutureMeds’ team believes the partnership with Medeusz-Plus will provide another powerful research site for clients and will support clinical trials in finding new treatments in the region without costly delays.

Medeusz-Plus is a specialist medical centre and clinical trials site operating in Olsztyn since 2011. Among other treatment areas, the clinic offers state of the art treatment in the field of internal medicine, cardiology, endocrinology and rheumatology.

“It is a great opportunity for all patients in our region to benefit from clinical trials which will come with FutureMeds.” commented Dr Maciej Zechowicz, owner and Principal Investigator of Medeusz-Plus. “Our combined expertise and dedication will significantly improve delivery of clinical trials in Olsztyn and in the whole region. We will be extending our clinical expertise offering even more therapy area coverage in the near future.”

As a Decentralised Trial Center of Excellence, the Olsztyn site will collaborate with Medeusz-Plus’ experienced team to recruit & retain patients, execute clinical studies and provide expertise in local legislation & engagement with Ethics Committees and Institutional Review Boards.

Leveraging FutureMeds’ Dedicated Research Site Network Model, the Olsztyn team will support FutureMeds on its mission to streamline the clinical trial process for Clinical Research Organisations & pharmaceuticals and decrease clinical trial delays that can cost £6m+ every day in lost net present value.

One of the major contributors to delays and costs are patient recruitment and retention within the trials. FutureMeds Model of a network of Dedicated Research Sites drives 3 times more patients per site than the fragmented models, gives access to high performing trial centers, enhances patient experience, and enables clients to access a wider & more diverse patient community.