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Introducing FutureMeds’ Promise of Progress: The Progress P.A.C.T.

The Progress P.A.C.T is our company promise to our patients, partners & team to demonstrate our commitment to live by our core values & drive real progress within the healthcare community. It is made up of four key brand pillars - People, Access, Collaboration, Truth. These exist to guide our behaviour, processes, products & internal culture to create the very best level of service & trial experience.   

Wojciech Szczepanik, Executive VP of Operations at FutureMeds, introducing the Progress P.A.C.T at the 2024 CEO Roadshow in Poland

We at FutureMeds, are thrilled to introduce the Progress P.A.C.T., our company's culture initiative dedicated to driving progress within the healthcare community. This initiative is not just a promise but a guiding philosophy designed to shape our interactions with patients, clients, partners, and our team.  

  • Our Patients benefit from progress to their health & care.   

  • Our Partners and clients benefit from progress to their research projects, helping them increase their impact on worldwide healthcare.   

  • Our Team benefit from progress to personal & professional growth. 

"Unifying site teams across six countries and DCT teams across eighteen countries under one flag and with one purpose is a formidable task. We spent over two years creating the right value system and guiding principles that suit our environment, resonate with the teams, and align perfectly with our purpose of delivering future medicines to patients."  

- Dr Radoslaw Janiak, CEO at FutureMeds

"With the internal roll-out well underway, we are now focusing on building a dynamic platform for seamless collaboration, best practice sharing, and fostering a can-do attitude, which is crucial in the rapidly evolving clinical research landscape,"  added Radoslaw Janiak.

The Four Pillars of the Progress P.A.C.T. 

The Progress P.A.C.T. is built on four fundamental pillars: People, Access, Collaboration, and Truth.  


People make progress 

Clinical research depends on the dedication, commitment & compassion of people. Our human-centric approach to client partnerships, patient experience & internal culture places people at the heart of what we do. We partner with the right people in the right places to drive greater progress in clinical research. 



Access benefits all 

We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to thrive. We provide patients access to life-changing medicines & support. We give clients access to the site networks & patient populations they need to transform global healthcare. We empower healthcare professionals with access to the opportunities, tools and support they need to achieve their ambitions. 


Collaboration connects 

Great things come from working together. We believe by gaining the perspectives of patients, partners & professionals and using our collective creativity and problem-solving powers, we can build something better. We're committed to finding ways to connect, share, adapt & develop across our communities to make a difference on a global scale. 



Truth builds trust 

We are committed to fostering an environment that promotes honesty - building a culture in which people can be open to express themselves with the patience, support and understanding of their peers. A culture in which our promises to our partners, patients and each other are genuine and help build greater trust in clinical research & the pharmaceutical industry. 


“I have full confidence that with the Progress P.A.C.T. and our teams' support, we will cultivate a company culture at FutureMeds that can yield significant long-term benefits for patients, partners and our team.”  

- Wojciech Szczepanik, Executive VP of Operations at FutureMeds 

“Hearing our various teams' positive responses gave us tremendous momentum. Momentum, which will help us tackle the challenges of fostering and scaling the culture as we continue our rapid growth across Europe.” 

About FutureMeds   


Specialising in conducting clinical trials, FutureMeds is the 1st European Independent Dedicated DCT Site Network offering high levels of traditional and Decentralised Clinical Trial capabilities across the whole network and home nursing solutions in 18 European countries.  


FutureMeds is driven by the purpose of connecting a global healthcare community and helping bring quicker access to life-changing medications and therapies to all those who need them worldwide.  


FutureMeds’ Dedicated Research Site (DRS) teams serve as the company’s service foundation. DRS team’s capabilities help pharmaceutical companies and contract research organisations accelerate study timelines, streamline processes, lower costs, improve data quality and ultimately help speed up drug development and patient access to new treatments.  


FutureMeds @home, the company’s Decentralised Clinical Trial solution, provides pharmaceutical companies, contract research organisations and other partners with tools, teams & support, enabling them to simplify patient access to trials and boost recruitment, engagement and retention.  


Through its acquisitions, partnerships and a strategic focus on patient experience, FutureMeds brings opportunities to diverse European patient populations to participate in clinical research under the medical supervision of qualified physicians and health care professionals.  



Follow us on LinkedIn  


Follow FutureMeds on LinkedIn and join a growing group of engaged, passionate healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals who are on a mission to accelerate the drug development process and achieve regulatory approval faster so patients can safely access the very latest treatments as soon as possible. 


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