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FutureMeds Acquires the Polish Amed Clinic Network

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

FutureMeds moves into the top tier of Dedicated Site Networks in Central and Eastern Europe.

With the Amed Clinic Network under the FutureMeds’ umbrella, pharmaceutical and CRO clients can now access 5 sites in FutureMeds modern dedicated research site Network in Poland.

“FutureMeds have moved into the top tier of Dedicated Research Site Networks in Central and Eastern Europe. With Amed’s state of the art facilities extending our Polish presence, we will be able to offer our patients and clients a full solution, delivering the whole study population in the country under an optimized and fully dedicated service.”

- Dr Radoslaw Janiak, CEO of FutureMeds.

Amed, which operates 3 dedicated research sites in Poland, 2 clinics in Warsaw and 1 clinic in Lodz, specialise in internal medicine, rheumatology, neurology, metabolic diseases and dermatology and is currently running 20 clinical trials for pharmaceutical companies and CROs.

The clinic network was established in 2012 by Dr. Anna Dudek, a renowned rheumatology specialist and investigator, with over a decade of experience in the clinical research space. As Principal Investigator and Director at FutureMeds, Dr Anna Dudek will support growth of the company in Poland and abroad.

“We are happy to join the experienced research team at FutureMeds and strengthen our presence in Warsaw and Lodz. We will be able to offer our patients even more opportunities to match their health needs to available treatment.” - Dr Anna Dudek, Principal Investigator and Director of FutureMeds.

As well as broadening the scope of opportunities for research and therapeutic areas, acquisition of the sites in Warsaw and Lodz represent the next stage of FutureMeds' international expansion. Dr. Dudek and the Amed team add significant medical expertise to FutureMeds’ current portfolio which now allows FutureMeds to operate in 4 cities in Poland and offer an experienced team of 30+ investigators to patients and pharma clients.

About FutureMeds

FutureMeds is a fast-growing independent Dedicated Research Site Network supporting pharmaceutical companies, Sponsors and CROs and contributing to research to find effective treatments and medications for all patients who need them.

FutureMeds’ Dedicated Research Site teams strive to accelerate study timelines, streamline processes, lower costs and improve data quality to help accelerate patient access to new treatments.

Through acquisitions and a strategic focus on patient experience, FutureMeds has developed qualified patient pools across Europe that enables faster patient enrollment and strong retention and help generate more accurate results.

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