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FutureMeds Appoints IT leader, Grzegorz Krówczyński as Vice President of IT

FutureMeds has appointed Grzegorz Krówczyński as Vice President of IT. He will be responsible for designing, developing and implementing organisational information systems, software applications, and the IT infrastructure of FutureMeds’ growing dedicated research site network.

With over 17 years of professional experience and deep domain knowledge of Business Intelligence, Data Management and Clinical Trial Management Systems, Grzegorz will play a key role in building FutureMeds' IT arm and ensuring that the company is fully prepared and ready for driving innovations in Clinical Trials market.

“Grzegorz joining FutureMeds is pivotal for the company’s growth in transforming clinical trials market. I’m excited to see how his in-depth understanding of life science sector will benefit our clients and transform clinical trials into fully digitalised process.”

- Marcin Gondek CFO at FutureMeds

A graduate of the Politechnika Wrocławska with a master’s degree in Computer Science & Management, Grzegorz has worked in the life sciences sector since 2014 where he held various leadership roles in Digital & IT. Most recently, he motivated and led multiple teams as the Director of Global Site Technologies at one of the leading SMOs.

Throughout the last 8 years, Grzegorz worked on decentralized trials in over 10 countries. He managed data migration with a new Clinical Trial Management system and a global Robotic Process Automation solution which drove process improvements that increased company performance. He also led the Business Intelligence, Data Management, Data Science, and Global Site Technologies teams. As FutureMeds keeps growing, Grzegorz’s leadership experience will be a tremendous asset for FutureMeds.

As part of the FutureMeds executive team, he will work to define and implement the IT solutions strategy to support the development, digitalization and leadership of FutureMeds across Europe.

Commenting on his FutureMeds’s vision, Grzegorz commented - “I aim to transform FutureMeds into a fully digitised professional company using the latest IT technologies on the market. Working with the Digital and IT team, we will support the company's development and ensure security for our patients, clients and organisation.”

FutureMeds is a fast-growing independent Site Management Organisation and operates 12 sites across 4 countries. The independent SMO is already in the top tier of Dedicated Research Site Networks in Europe and its’ Dedicated Research Sites across the continent are currently involved in running clinical trials on behalf of its clients in pharma and CROs.