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FutureMeds Appoints Prof. Borislav Borissov MD as Managing Director of FutureMeds Bulgaria

Updated: Jan 24, 2023

Bulgaria is among the 20 most productive countries in the world for clinical trials, with the Bulgarian market currently valued at USD 330 million.

Prof. Dr. Borislav Borissov, MD, MBA, DSc, with over 31 years of medical and over 11 years of clinical trials management experience, will be responsible for leading FutureMeds’ Bulgarian operations and extending FutureMeds' network of medical research clinics into Bulgaria. He assumed Managing Director responsibilities on 1 September 2021.

“I am extremely happy to have the opportunity to work with Boris. His understanding of the European clinical research market, medical expertise and in-depth integrity are giving me confidence that Bulgaria will be a bright star in the FutureMeds network.”

- Dr. Radoslaw Janiak, CEO of FutureMeds

Under his leadership FutureMeds’ Bulgaria will be expanding FutureMeds’ Dedicated Research Site Network into Bulgaria, where they will operate from 3 sites located in the biggest cities in the country. His team will aim to develop clinical research in all therapeutic areas, including oncology, CNS, dermatology, and gynaecology.

Clinical trials not finishing on time is the #1 issue for bringing new drugs to market. FutureMeds presence in Bulgaria and their network of medical research clinics will unlock an accelerated, 4 times more efficient trial process. Bulgaria is among the 20 most productive countries in the world for clinical trials, with the Bulgarian market currently valued at USD 330 million.

Prior to joining FutureMeds, Dr. Borissov worked as a consultant at the Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care, and was a visiting fellow at Pitié-Salpêtrière University Hospital, Paris, and Addenbrooke's Hospital, Cambridge, UK. He held senior management roles at the Bulgarian Drug Agency (BDA) and Synexus Bulgaria. He has been engaged in international consultancy in drug regulation and health technology assessment for over 17 years. He is the elected Chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Clinical Research.

Dr. Borissov holds PhD in Medicine, Master's degrees in Business Administration and Health Management. In 2018 he earned the highest science degree in Bulgaria and became a Doctor of Sciences, DSc. Since 2020 he is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Public Health, Medical University Sofia. He published 50+ research papers and has been cited 250 times in Scopus and Web of Science.

“I am happy to join FutureMeds team and support my friends in Bulgaria. The country is offering unprecedented opportunity in drug development and I am glad to be able to play a vital role in this.“ commented Prof. Dr. Borislav Borissov, MBA, DSc.

FutureMeds is solely focused on clinical trials resulting in a higher number of patients with enhanced data quality which enables trials to be concluded faster. Opening the first FutureMeds site in Bulgaria is the next significant step towards helping their clients worldwide make the clinical trial progress more patient-centric and efficient.

About FutureMeds

FutureMeds is a fast-growing independent Dedicated Research Site Network supporting pharmaceutical companies, Sponsors and CROs and contributing to research to find effective treatments and medications for all patients who need them.

FutureMeds’ Dedicated Research Site teams strive to accelerate study timelines, streamline processes, lower costs and improve data quality to help accelerate patient access to new treatments.

Through acquisitions and a strategic focus on patient experience, FutureMeds has developed qualified patient pools across Europe that enables faster patient enrollment and strong retention and help generate more accurate results.

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