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FutureMeds launches Site Directors' Forum to Enhance Trial Delivery Quality Across the Network

In an effort to drive operational excellence and further enhance trial delivery quality, FutureMeds has introduced the Site Directors' Forum. This initiative connects the growing number of sites across the network, creating a platform for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and continuous improvement.  

The 2-day forum, was a mix of thematic workshops with team-building elements that helped site directors’ bond, compare notes and bring new ideas to light

Under the leadership of Wojciech Szczepanik, EVP of Operations, the Site Directors' Forum was established to address certain challenges associated with FutureMeds' rapid growth by bringing together experienced leaders and promising new talent to share best practices, collaborate, and find growth opportunities.  


“The Site Director’s Forum is one of the most important initiatives for FutureMeds this year, that helps FutureMeds address the increasing complexity of operations, prioritise the growing number of new initiatives and increase collaboration across our sites and countries.“  

- Wojciech Szczepanik, EVP of Operations at FutureMeds 

Taking place at a historic farm-turned-hotel by the river in Wrocław on June 5-6, the first face-to-face meeting of the Site Directors' Forum was a welcomed initiative by the team. It provided an inspiring setting for two days of thematic workshops and team-building activities. 

Client and Patient Benefits of the Site Directors’ Forum 

Through knowledge sharing, identifying and implementing best practices to streamline processes, improve trial delivery and boost collaboration across our sites, the Site Directors' Forum promises numerous benefits for our clients and patients: 

  • Improved Trial Efficiency: On top of streamlined processes, shared best practices lead to faster response and site actions and more reliable trial results   

  • Higher Quality Data: Collaborative problem-solving leads to higher standards across participant engagement and as a result more accurate data collection   

  • Enhanced Patient Care: Knowledge sharing among site directors also enhances patient engagement and experience 


  • Increased Process Innovation: Regular forums spark new ideas and innovative solutions, directly benefiting FutureMeds' clinical research capabilities 

FutureMeds' Site Directors getting ready for water rafting after the workshops

The Site Directors' Forum is a cornerstone initiative that underscores our dedication to operational excellence and high-quality clinical research.   

“It was a very necessary and very successful meeting. Team spirit was created before my eyes and there was great chemistry among us. The Site Directors’ contribution to this meeting adds great value for clients, patients and our network. I am already thinking about the next meeting with all of our site directors,”  added Wojciech Szczepanik 


By fostering a collaborative environment, we are poised to tackle the complexities of clinical trials more effectively, ultimately benefiting our clients and patients. We look forward to the continued success and evolution of this initiative as we strive to achieve new milestones in clinical research. 

About FutureMeds   


Specialising in conducting clinical trials, FutureMeds is the 1st European Independent Dedicated DCT Site Network offering high levels of traditional and Decentralised Clinical Trial capabilities across the whole network and home nursing solutions in 18 European countries.  


FutureMeds is driven by a purpose to connect a global healthcare community and help bring quicker access to life-changing medications and therapies to all those who need them worldwide.  


FutureMeds’ Dedicated Research Site (DRS) teams serve as the company’s service foundation. DRS team’s capabilities help pharmaceutical companies and contract research organisations accelerate study timelines, streamline processes, lower costs, improve data quality and ultimately help speed up drug development and patient access to new treatments.  


FutureMeds @home, the company’s Decentralised Clinical Trial solution, provides pharmaceutical companies, contract research organisations and other partners with tools, teams & support, enabling them to simplify patient access to trials and boost recruitment, engagement and retention.  


Through its acquisitions, partnerships and a strategic focus on patient experience, FutureMeds brings opportunities to diverse European patient populations to participate in clinical research under the medical supervision of qualified physicians and health care professionals.  



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Follow FutureMeds on LinkedIn and join a growing group of engaged, passionate healthcare and pharmaceutical professionals who are on a mission to accelerate the drug development process and achieve regulatory approval faster so patients can safely access the very latest treatments as soon as possible. 


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